The first question which comes to mind is why not do your own embroidery digitizing yourself, after all embroidery is an art and each person has their own creative style. Well the answer to this is not so simple. Yes agreed that like other art works embroidery is also an art and each person has his/her own signature style but here we are taking about embroidery digitizing which is infact a next step after a design has been conceptualized. The truth is that digitizing is a mix or art and science.

First of all, in order to answer why we need to outsource embroidery digitizing we have to understand what digitizing is all about. Embroidery digitizing is the process by which an image is converted into stitch file which machines can read and sew out into designs. Gone are the days when each embroidery was done by hand now a days it is about quantity and that is why digitizing has come into play so that the embroidery can be done by machines.

So now since we have the basic understanding of what embroidery digitizing is all about we can now discuss the points that why it is more viable to use an outsourcing embroidery digitizing partner than doing it in house:-

1. Cost:- Since we can understand from above that embroidery digitizing came into existence to save cost. Therefore if we outsource our digitizing work we can get more competitive prices then doing in house. Due to competition the prices in outsourcing are very competitive which makes it a good option.

2. Time-Saving:- Digitizing is time consuming so if you do your digitizing yourself you will have less time left for your business. So a good option is to go for a trusted embroidery digitizing company and use your saved time for marketing of your business.

3. Scaling Of Business :- If you have a good outsourcing partner then you can use your own resources and his technical skills to scale your business to greater heights. With a good backend partner scaling of business becomes easy and fast.

4. Enhanced Technical Skills :- If you have a good experienced outsourcing partner then they may have good technical skills and that way you can take over business which is even complicated and hard to do as you can easily get it done from them.

5. Overhead Savings :- Keeping an inhouse digitizer can be costly as one has to pay many taxes, benefits etc whereas if someone is working offshore for you that results in overhead cost savings. These savings can prove beneficial for your business growth.

So keeping these things in mind you may find that outsourcing of embroidery digitizing work is a good idea and an option you may want to try.