Is embroidery digitizing an art or technical skill? We for some one who has been doing this since last 12 years I think it is a mix of both. Now the question which arises is why is this mix of both? So in this post I would be putting forth my views on this very topic that why embroidery digitizing is mix of both:-

1. We all will agree that embroidery is an art. We may learn the satin stitch, running stitch and all but how it is to be designed, color combination and its beauty comes out only if we have some natural flair. Otherwise it just does not look beautiful.
2. Like drawing in embroidery also the patterns have to be made out, vectorised at times and one has to decide if the blank spaces needed filling or not. Colors have to be coordinated and so on. So it needs that artistic flair.
3. In embroidery digitizing use of software is done and that one cannot use without training so this makes it a technical think to be done.
4. While using the software one has to make optimum utilization of the tools at hand to be sure that you are making use of right amount of stitches and not making it too dense or heavy. For this you need to have the technical skills and judgement.
5. Some times we donot know the exact size which is needed and there we have to use our critical judgment and skill set to find the right size which the design can be made into.
So you see embroidery digitizing is a mix of art and technology. If you have that perfect blend you can give the utmost high level of services which customers love and makes you master of your trade.