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Elevate Creativity with Premium Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Art Services

Megri Digitizing – Your global partner for premium embroidery digitizing and vector art services. With 25 years of expertise, we deliver precise, high-quality designs for businesses in the USA, UK, and worldwide. Our services elevate your brand, ensuring flawless embroidery and stunning visuals.
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Embroidery Digitizing Services

At Megri Digitizing, we specialize in embroidery digitizing services tailored to elevate your brand. Our offerings include 3D Puff Embroidery, Applique Digitizing, Badge Embroidery, Cap Digitizing, Chain Stitch Embroidery, Chenille Embroidery, Digitizing for Shirts, Embroidered Bags, Embroidered Hats, Embroidered Patches, Embroidered Towels, Image Digitizing, Jacket Back Digitizing, Left Chest Digitizing, Left Sleeve Digitizing, Logo Digitizing, Monogram Digitizing, Patch Digitizing, Pocket Digitizing, Right Sleeve Digitizing, Sequin Embroidery and Towel Monogram, meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of various industries, from apparel and promotional products to corporate branding and team sports. We pride ourselves on delivering high-resolution digitizing with fast turnaround times, ensuring your designs are ready when you need them. Our services enhance brand visibility and provide superior quality that stands out. We support a wide range of digitizing formats, including DST, PES, EXP, JEF, and VP3, ensuring compatibility with your embroidery machines. Trust Megri Digitizing to transform your designs into stunning embroidered masterpieces that make a lasting impression.

Megri Digitizing: Your Vision, Vectorized Perfection

Megri Digitizing is your one-stop solution for transforming images into high-quality vector graphics. We specialize in crafting stunning vector logos,Raster to Vector Conversion, Vector Logo Design, Background Removing, Vector Redrawing, Fashion Photo Editing, Color Correction, Vector Tracing, Image Retouching, Ghost Mannequin Effects, Vector Map Creation, Image Masking, Logo Vectorization, Shadow Optimization Service, Vector Cleanup, Photo to Vector, Digital Painting, Ecommerce Photo Editing, Image to Vector Conversion, Graphic Mockup on Product, Vector Illustration, Photo Manipulation, Line Art Conversion, Photo Restoration, Vectorization of Sketches, Faux Embroidery, Vector File Format Conversion, meticulously converting raster images into scalable vector formats, and creating bespoke vector illustrations. Our services cater to graphic designers, advertisers, printers, and apparel businesses. Experience the Megri Digitizing difference – precision detail, unmatched clarity, and seamless compatibility across all platforms. From intricate logos to complex illustrations, we deliver exceptional results in AI, EPS, SVG, and PDF formats. Our team of skilled designers is committed to exceeding your expectations with unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing. Let Megri Digitizing breathe new life into your visuals and drive your business forward.

Why Choose  Megri Digitizing

Discover the Difference with Our Expertise: 25 Years of Excellence, Global Reach, Skilled Digitizer & Designers, Fast Turnaround, Competitive Pricing, and Unmatched Customer Satisfaction. Elevate Your Brand with Precision Embroidery Digitizing and Stunning Vector Art

25 Years of Expertise

Benefit from our decades of experience crafting precise embroidery designs and vector art.

Fast Turnaround

Efficient processes guarantee timely delivery without compromising on quality.

All Formats Digitize

We provide files in various digitizing formats, including EMB, DST, CND, and many more, ensuring compatibility with your needs.

Team With Experts

We trust our industry-leading embroidery digitizers and vector artists to deliver exceptional quality.

Latest Technology

Leverage our advanced tools for efficient, high-quality embroidery digitizing and vector art conversion.

24/ 7 Client Support

Our Sales team is available on live chat 24/7 and 365 days in a year or you can call us at

Features of Our Services Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Art Services

Explore Our Standout Features

precision expertise, skilled digitizers and designers, major file format support, and consistent quality custom and scalable designs.

Advanced Stitch Techniques

We utilize complex stitches for intricate details and stunning textures, ensuring outputs with no thread breaks, bringing your embroidery vision to life.

High-Resolution Digitizing

Achieve sharp, detailed embroidery with our advanced digitizing techniques, ensuring superior stitch quality and clarity.

Multi-Format Support

We offer files in various formats, including EMB, DST, AI, EPS, and SVG, ensuring seamless integration with all embroidery machines and design software.

Scalable Vector Graphics

Our vector art maintains perfect clarity and resolution at any size, making it ideal for diverse applications and resizing needs.

Precise Color Matching

Our software ensures accurate color conversion, making your vector art embroidery vibrant and true-to-life.

Unlimited Stitch Count

No design complexity is a challenge! We handle designs with any stitch count for flawless embroidery results.

Multi-Format Support

We offer files in various formats, including EMB, DST, AI, EPS, and SVG, ensuring seamless integration with all embroidery machines and design software.

Who We Serve

Our embroidery digitizing and vector art services cater to a diverse array of industries. We serve fashion and apparel companies seeking detailed and high-quality embroidery designs. Promotional product businesses benefit from our custom digitizing that makes their products stand out. Corporate branding efforts are elevated with our precise logo digitization and vector art, ensuring a professional appearance. Advertising and printing industries rely on our scalable vector graphics for clear and vibrant prints. we assist sports teams & clubs with creating emblems, mascots, and other designs for embroidery on jerseys, hats, and other team apparel. Additionally, we support team sports by creating custom embroidery for uniforms and merchandise. Whether you’re a Embroiderers, hobbyist, designer, marketer, or business owner, our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and elevate your brand’s visual appeal.

Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Art Services Outsourcing

Are you overwhelmed by embroidery digitizing or design deadlines? Use our premier Embroidery Digitizing and Vector Art services. By outsourcing embroidery digitizing and vector art services with us, you gain access to over 25 years of expertise, ensuring precision and quality in every design. Our skilled team handles your bulk orders efficiently, offering generous discounts to maximize your savings. Join our successful collaborations with existing embroidery digitizing partners and resellers who trust us for their digitizing and vector art needs. Experience seamless integration and exceptional customer service. Outsource vector art services today and elevate your brand’s visual appeal with unmatched precision and efficiency. Partner with us, and let’s create stunning designs together. Let’s discuss how our collaboration can streamline your workflow and elevate your finished products.

See What Are Our Clients Saying

  • Megri Digitizing provides amazing Embroidery Digitizing & Vector art designs. They provide quality designs with fast turnaround time. The team follows all the instructions  and provides excellent quality. My clients are also satisfied with the work. Great work!
    — Ivan Jaimes
  • They are an expert team and are very easy to work with. I used some other vendors but now satisfied with them and became their regular customer now I use only them.   And deliver very fast with quality.  Nice experience working with them.
    — Gian Pierto
  • Megri Digitizing offers best services and prices as compared to others.  The quality is good and appreciated by my clients. Just pay a flat rate for your design and get a job done. I strongly recommend them!
    — Gregg Loucks
  • Great work! Megri Digitizing service is very quick and professional. I received quality work as per my instructions in a given deadline  from them. I have grown my business by giving them regular embroidery orders. Highly Recommended!
    — Natasha

Digitize Your Designs and Elevate Your Brand

Experience unparalleled quality in embroidery digitizing and vector art services. Enhance your brand’s visual appeal and stand out. Get a free quote now!