Applique designs are mostly used on baby cloths and very famous and popular. Due to the concept of line drawing and applique in nature, these design looks simple but need great deal of care, Even expert digitizers can have problem perfection Applique designs. Our team head of Applique will explain some regular used tips when you start you next project…

  • You need to have stitching line for the pattern, and outlining the desired area for applique design. You need to have color change after first stitching line, it will help the operator to place the applique fabric witching the marked (stitched) area.
  • You need to digitize the next stitching line just inside the previous stitching line to secure the applique fabric so that it stays in place properly.
  • After the securing stitches are digitized, complete all the design. When you plan the stitch sequence, the rest of the design can be arranged in any order after the applique stitch lines.