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Tips for Applique designs custom digitizing

by admin • October 15, 2012

Applique designs are mostly used on baby cloths and very famous and popular. Due to the concept of line drawing and applique in nature, these design looks simple but need great deal of care, Even expert digitizers can have problem perfection Applique designs. Our team head of Applique will explain some regular used tips when […]

Instructions/Tips for digitizing with 3D Foam

by admin • October 15, 2012

Are you planning a design to sew with 3D Foam‎, Foam design or 3d Foam require some basic guide when digitizing. Digitization is different from normal designs and our expert 3d digitizer has written few practicably tips for you next project…

What is custom digitizing process from start to finish ?

by admin • October 15, 2012

Wondering what is custom digitizing process from start to finish which our team at Megri Digitizing adopts. Our Senior digitizer has complied it for you from the point when we receive your design for estimate and converting it into order and processing and sending design to you after checking the quality.

Digitizing Small Lettering – What All You Need to Know?

by admin • February 4, 2012

As we all know that how important is considered small letter digitizing in embroidery, if your digitizer can get quality in small letters, consider he know his work and have experience and expertise in his work.